NGFD Fire Police

The North Greece Fire Police are volunteers who are members of the Department who, after attending training classes, have been certified by the State of New York.  The primary duties of a Fire Policeman are:

  • Directing, monitoring, and controlling the flow of traffic at fires, automobile accidents and other emergencies. The goal here is to permit all vehicles to quickly and safely exit the area with a minimum of inconvenience. We can also be occasionally called to neighboring communities to perform these duties.
  • Protecting Fire and First Aid Personnel, and maintaining crowd control at fire and accident scenes, and performing similar duties at parades and special events within the community.
  • Assisting Police and Fire Department officials in the protection of the integrity of property and evidence at fire and accident scenes.

In carrying out our duties, we sometimes frustrate drivers who are attempting to travel through the area of an emergency. Our major responsibilities for providing safety for our Firefighters and Medical responders often requires that we detour or delay traffic. We ask that you understand and cooperate so that our volunteers can carry out their duties safely and quickly.

If you have questions at an accident or fire scene, we will assist you, but we ask you to pull out of the way of traffic, so that traffic is not blocked and it can be moved out of the area. In addition, we also ask you to signal if you want to turn left or right and to permit all emergency personnel with flashing blue lights to quickly enter the fire or accident scene; and most importantly, to proceed slowly and cautiously when there is an emergency in the area.