Fire Safety Personnel – David Walker

Assistant Chief Dave Walker started his career at North Greece in 1981 as the District’s second career firefighter. As the District grew, the need for a Fire Prevention Program was evident. In 1987, Captain Walker started the North Greece Fire Prevention Program now known as Fire and Life Safety Education. His innovative approach, style, and friendly smile quickly became a favorite for area school children. Mention “Fireman Dave” in the Town of Greece and everyone knew who you were speaking of.

In 1996, the District recognized Dave’s outstanding efforts and promoted him to the rank of Lieutenant. The Fire and Life Safety program continued to grow under Dave’s direction receiving numerous awards and recognition.

As the program grew, so too, did Walker’s administrative responsibilities. It became evident to the Board of Fire Commissioners that an additional part-time position was warranted to accommodate the growing Greece community. In 2001, Kevin Magin was hired to assist “Firemen Dave” develop new educational programs and update existing programs to meet NYS Board of Education Standards.

In 2002, the District, again, recognized the need to expand the growing program that now included affiliations with local, state, and federal agencies. On April 18, 2002, the Board of Fire Commissioners promoted Dave to his current position as Captain and acknowledged the need to shift Captain Walker’s day-to-day responsibilities to a more administrative role. With this change, a new position was added to the “Fire Safety Bureau”—a full-time Fire Safety Educator. In July, 2003 Pete Sidari was hired to take over the “hands-on” activities of the Fire and Life Safety Program.

Although Captain Walker’s visible presence at local schools and fire station tours may not be evident, he continues to chart the course of the North Greece Fire and Life Safety Program. In recent years, he has been instrumental in securing several sizable grants to augment the program. With Captain Walker’s guidance and support of the Board of Fire Commissioners, the program has grown to receive state-wide recognition for its innovative education programs and child car seat safety inspections. In addition, the Fire and Life Safety section on the District’s website provides fire and life safety information to parents, children, teachers and anyone in between.

Captain Dave continues to volunteer at the Walker Fire Department. He resides in Hamlin with his wife Laurie, their two children Rachel and Colin, and numerous animals!

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