Firefighter Appreciation Dinner


The Firefighter Appreciation Dinner held at the Diplomat Party House on October 8th honored dozens of county and city fire personnel for a variety of life saving scenarios. Numerous city and county officials attended.  North Greece FD received a Unit Commendation Award for our actions last Halloween night where a child was trapped beneath a motor vehicle.

A fine dinner was enjoyed followed by a keynote address and awards ceremony. County Manager Maggie Brooks was also presented a commemorative fire helmet for her support of the Joint Fire Service Leadership of Monroe County during her tenure ending this year.

Another bright spot was relished by Commissioner Joe Camiolo and I as we delighted in visiting with Father Bill Michatek and recalling his many years as NGFD chaplain decades ago. Time has not diminished his charm.

And we continue to take every opportunity to salute NGFD’s newest 50-year active service member, steady and dependable Mike Beaty.

Special thanks to Chief Meyers for his role in NGFD’s award and to Commissioner Ken Preston who served on the event committee.