Greece Districts Cooperation


Since the original fire districts of the Town of Greece were respectively formed in 1922, we have been working together to protect our residents, their homes, businesses, and visitors. Our primary goal is to protect life and property with the resources available.

Recently, in a joint effort, the four fire districts hired an outside consultant to review the workings of the districts to see if consolidation of any or all of the districts would be beneficial economically or logistically. Some of the findings of the study pointed out strategies already being practiced such as cooperative responses.

Noting the information contained in the study, the districts continue to examine the various facets to determine the most appropriate course of action. The respective fire chiefs continue their efforts to deliver outstanding service to the community, mindful of the economics involved.

The overall mission is the safety and well-being of the Town of Greece community. All four districts continue to be alert for opportunities to improve efficiency while maintaining or improving operations.