One of the most important roles of a fire department is providing fire and life safety education for the public that they serve. The North Greece Fire and Life Safety education program has been striving to instruct our community for over 30 years. In 1987, the North Greece Fire District (NGFD) became one of only two Monroe County fire departments to place a firefighter full-time in the position of a fire safety educator. At that time, school programs were developed and taught to children in kindergarten through fifth grade using the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Learn Not to Burn curriculum. In addition, national statistics were showing that children as young as 3 and 4-years old were starting fires by playing with matches and lighters. In response to this, NGFD developed a preschool fire safety program to address this problem that is still in use today. Since its inception, the NGFD Fire and Life Safety program has been expanded to middle school grades (6th through 8th) with the plan of reaching more into the high school level soon.

Car Seat Safety

Our car seat safety checks are held at NGFD Station 1 located at 645 North Greece Road (the corner of North Greece and Latta Roads). The availability for the next couple of months can be seen by clicking on the link below. If there are any questions, call NGFD at (585) 581-5428. If our dates and availability do not work for you, check out the other agencies in Greece that also may assist you below.

Car Seat Schedule: Contact: `Agency:
1st Wednesday 3pm-6pm GPD 720-0442 or Barnard 581-6295 Barnard FD / Greece PD
3rd Wednesday 2pm-5:30pm 581-5428 or signup below North Greece FD
4th Wednesday 3pm-5:30pm 453-1212 – 227-2123 Ridge Road FD
Please contact appropriate agency to schedule appointment!

Due to the COVID 19 crisis, we are currently not scheduling any Car Seat Safety checks.