Press Release: North Greece Fire District Proposes a Tax Reduction for Residents in 2019


The North Greece Fire District proposes a tax reduction for residents in 2019.

On Tuesday, September 25th, the Board of Fire Commissioners unanimously passed the 2019 budget including a decrease of 0.6285%. Vice Chair Linda Andreano explained that the Board was able to reduce the expected levy to an amount that is $250,562 below the NYS tax cap. The resulting fire tax rate for North Greece residents in 2019 is proposed to go down to 3.8236 per thousand.

Andreano explained, “The Board of Fire Commissioners, Chief Sam DeRosa, and staff worked for weeks to analyze expenditures. They removed all of the one-time costs from completed projects from this coming budget. Many adjustments to the budget were also made for reduced repair expenses realized from preventive maintenance programs implemented over the past two years. At the same time, the Fire District was able to increase personnel, response capability, and safety measures to protect our residents and their property.”

Residents are invited to attend a public hearing planned for October 16, 2018 at 6:00 PM. The meeting location is the North Greece headquarters, 1766 Latta Rd, at the corner of Mt. Read Blvd and Latta Rd. The detailed budget will be presented, and residents are invited to provide comments and feedback to the Board of Fire Commissioners during the public comment period.